Garages, Sheds, etc.

Residents constructing or erecting an accessory building on their property within the Red River Planning District are required to obtain a permit. In obtaining a permit, details of the construction and location of the accessory building must be identified.

An accessory building 120 sq. ft. or less (outside surface measurement) does not require a building permit (except in the Village of Dunnottar where a permit is required for any accessory building in excess of 100 sq. ft. and except in the R.M. of East St. Paul where a permit is required for any accessory building in excess of 107.64 sq. ft.).

All structures MUST comply with the minimum yard requirements of the respective Municipal Zoning By-Law. To find out your setback requirements, please contact the RRPD office with your property's Tax Roll Number, and the municipality or city in which your property is located. Our office can then determine your property's zoning and provide you with the required setback information. This information will let the property owner know how far they need to be away from both their property lines and other structures on the property.

Certified Professional Plan Submission - Professional Home Builders Only

An option is being offered for Part 9 accessory structures where a professional engineer would under seal submit a letter stating that they take responsibility for the design/plan and construction as per plans. This would then eliminate the need to do a full plan review by the District. Zoning and other by-law reviews would still occur and inspections would still be completed in the same manner as they are completed today. The intent is to streamline approvals for these types of permits. The following permits will be considered as part of the Certified Professional Program:

  1. Accessory structures that are 3 stories or less in height and less than 600 m2 in area.


Detached Accessory Buildings

Accessory Booklet 121-592

Accessory Booklet 593 - 900

Certified Professional Plan Submission - Professional Builders Only

Lot Grading


  1. Application Form
  2. Application Form - Certified Professional Plan Submission
  3. Site Plan tooltip
  4. 2 copies of construction plans (if the building is over 900 sq. ft. or contains any type of second storey, an engineer's seal is required and it has to be current within 1 year of application - please refer to pamphlet for additional information)
  5. Status of Title (current within 30 days of application) tooltip
  6. Residential Application Review Fee of $150 tooltip
  7. Letter of Authorization (Required if someone is filling out the application on behalf of the applicant) tooltip

Online Application - Up to 900 sq. ft. only accepted

  1. Click here to apply online.