Lockport, St. Andrews

In 1999, the R.M. of St. Andrews along with the R.M. of St. Clements and the Triple “S” Community Futures Development Corporation began a planning process called the Lockport Destination Strategy that focused on the initiatives to enhance Lockport’s role in the Red River Corridor. In 2007, the Selkirk and District Planning Area Board released a Background Report for the five year Development Plan Review and is now in the final stages of adopting a new Development Plan. The Development Plan emphasizes the importance of concentrating development within Settlement Centres such as Lockport.

Earlier this year, the R.M. of St. Andrews and the Selkirk and District Planning Area Board (SDPAB) hired MMM Group Limited (MMM) to work with the community and develop a secondary plan to guide the future development of the Lockport Settlement Centre and the surrounding area. It is the intent that the secondary plan will build on the previous planning efforts. The secondary plan will be used to guide the development of the area and to create specific policies for a more detailed direction of land use.

A steering committee for the project has been established and includes representatives from the R.M of St. Andrews, the SDPAB, and the community.

Most of the consultation has been completed for the Lockport Secondary through workshops, open houses and community consultation. However, we wish to ensure that all residents have had an opportunity to comment on the plan, prior to the formal adoption process

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to submit these to:

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Lockport Settlement Centre Maps

Lockport Settlement Centre Background Report

Lockport Settlement Centre Secondary Plan Draft Copy

Lockport Settlement Centre Secondary Plan Final Copy