Development Plan Update Project

On May 1, 2017 the Red River Planning District started the process of updating the Planning District's Development Plan.

A Development Plan is the Planning District's primary land use policy document, which outlines how the Planning District will develop into the future --- generally where development will be located and what policies need to be considered. The RRPD is updating the Development Plan because:

  • The current Plan is due for a review (should be reviewed every 5 years)
  • The Planning District has 3 Development Plans that need to be consolidated
  • There has been significant changes in the past 5 years
    • New member municipalities have joined the Planning District
    • Piped "urban" services (water,sewer) are now available in parts of the Rural Municipalities
    • RRPD completed its first strategic plan

The project will involve consolidating the three existing Development Plans into one, identifying new areas for development, and refining policies that need improvement. The graphic below illustrates the project components and timeline.

Additional information will be added to this website as the project progresses. For any general questions or comments related to the Development Plan Update Project, feel free to contact us at