East Selkirk, St. Clements

East Selkirk is designated as one of 7 key Settlement Centres where growth will be directed and supported by municipal infrastructure services. The Secondary Plan creates a vision for East Selkirk to guide development over the next 25 years into a “complete community”, by incorporating sustainable development practices.

To ensure efficient development and the economic provision of public services, this Secondary Plan guides the transition from private on-site waste-water management to municipal services and links the community’s social, environmental and economic goals with land use and physical development of the community. These links are supported by water, waste water and transportation infrastructure.

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Community Orientation Presentation

Community Preferences Overview

East Selkirk Secondary Plan Open House Questionnaire

East Selkirk Secondary Plan

Community Design Charette: Envisioning East Selkirk 2031

Community Open House - March 17, 2012