Current Development Plans

A development plan is a by-law which outlines the long term vision and goals of a community and is used to guide development within the planning area of a municipality or planning district.

The Development Plan provides a framework for development policies and decisions. It is designed to achieve stated objectives for development and promote the optimum economic, social, environmental and physical condition of the area. Under The Planning Act, residents and councils of member municipalities are entitled to contribute to the advice and consultation process in the drafting of the Development Plan and are also entitled to inspect proposed Development Plan by-laws and attachments.

The Planning Act requires all planning authorities (municipalities and planning districts) to adopt a development plan. A development plan must:

  1. set out the plans and policies of the planning authority respecting its physical, social, environmental and economic objectives;
  2. through maps and statements of objectives, direct sustainable land use and development in the planning area;
  3. set out measures for implementing the plan; and
  4. include such other matters the Minister or the Board or Council considers advisable.

When adopted, a development plan replaces the Provincial Planning Regulation. For this reason, a development plan is jointly developed with the Province to be consistent with the Regulation before it is approved by the Minister of Municipal Government.

Red River Planning District Development Plan 2020