Certified Professional Plan Submission

An option is being offered for Part 9 buildings (i.e. single family dwellings or buildings that are 3 stories or less and less than 600 m2 in area), where a professional engineer would under seal submit a letter stating that they take responsibility for the design/plan and construction as per plans. This would then eliminate the need to do a full plan review by the District. Zoning and other by-law reviews would still occur and inspections would still be completed in the same manner as they are completed today. The intent is to streamline approvals for these types of permits. The following permits will be considered as part of the Certified Professional Program.

  1. Single Family Dwellings
  2. Two Family Dwellings
  3. Part 9 Buildings
  4. Additions to Part 9, Single Family and Two Family Dwellings

Certified Professional Submission

Application Form - Certified Professional Submission


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