Building & Development

In the Province of Manitoba it is a legal requirement that a building permit be obtained prior to any type of construction. A permit is required if you are intending to construct, add to, alter, demolish, replace or relocate any building or part of a building or structure and/or; change or alter the use of land, buildings or structures. Applications will be reviewed by the Red River Planning District to determine compliance with the Manitoba Building Code and in order to ensure compliance with municipal building and zoning by-laws.

Building permit applications are accepted between 8:30am and 4:15pm Monday to Friday. For information regarding building regulations, please call 204.482.3717.

To ensure all proposed buildings are designed and constructed in accordance with accepted standards, codes and by-laws, the appropriate permits must be issued and inspections must occur.

Inspection Requests

Building inspection requests must be submitted a minimum of 24 hours in advance. There are two ways to request a building inspection:

  • Call our 24-Hour Inspection Message Service at 204.482.2956
  • Submit your request via email at

All work must be ready to be inspected at the time of the request.

Photographic Evidence

The RRPD allows photographic evidence to be submitted for inspections on the following permit types:

  • Detached Accessory Buildings under 592 sq. ft.
  • Residential Demolitions
  • Fence Construction
  • Signs (with no engineer involvement)
  • Farm Buildings under 600 sq. m. (6,458.34 sq. ft.)
  • Deficiencies as directed by the approving Development Officer

The approved permit will specifically indicate the inspection requirements within the Conditions section.

The submission of photographic evidence is available by e-mail or in person. Applicants must submit their photographs and obtain confirmation from the RRPD office that the photographs have been received and subsequent approval from the Development Officer prior to continuing with the proposed work.

All email submissions should be directed to

Photographic Evidence Brochure