RRPD Board

The Red River Planning District Board consists of Board Members appointed by the elected Council of each participating municipality. Each Municipality appoints three members to the Board, with the exception of the Village of Dunnottar with one member.

Under The Planning Act, the Board is responsible for the adoption, administration, and enforcement of the Development Plan by-law for the entire district, and the administration and enforcement of the zoning by-law(s), any secondary plan(s), the building by-law(s), and any other by-law(s) of its member municipalities and/or district.

Red River Planning District Regular Board meetings are held the third Wednesday of every month at 806-A Manitoba Avenue in the board chambers. Meetings start at 5:30 pm precisely. Requests for delegations should be in at least two weeks prior to the meeting.

City of Selkirk
John Buffie
Ken Beerman
Darlene Swiderski

R.M. of St. Andrews
George Pike
Elmer Keryluk
Laurie Hunt

R.M. of St Clements
Debbie Fiebelkorn
Ken Thomas
Glen Basarowich

R.M. of East St. Paul
Shelley Hart
Brian Duval
Charles Posthumus

R.M. of West St. Paul
Bruce Henley
Detlef Hindemith
Peter Campbell

Village of Dunnottar
Rick Gamble